Democratised Disruptive Innovation- What could it mean for the individual?

By Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group and Deputy Chairman of FinComEco. To learn lessons for the future we have to look at the past. A few thousand years ago, when money never existed, a transaction happened only by exchanging agreed commodities by barter. E.g. Panchgani in Maharashtra where I recently held a TEDx talk […]

African Potash’s blockchain tech set for big impact in Africa

Chris Cleverly, executive chairman at African Potash Ltd (LON:AFPO), tells Proactive they’ve struck a deal on a joint venture with Gibraltar firm TokenCommunities Limited to further its entry into game-changing blockchain technology.  

Season’s Greetings from GMEX Group and FinComEco

2017 has been a busy and exciting year for both the business development and implementation teams at GMEX Group.In what has been a bit of a whirlwind of global travel, we started the year with the Central Asian Stock Exchange and Central Depository going live with first bond listings in Tajikistan and have just finished […]

African Potash and FinComEco collaborate to create a complete Blockchain based agricultural ecosystem solution

Linking agricultural supply to demand supported by partner GMEX Group Mauritius, London, 28th November 2017. African Potash Limited (“AFPO”), a company focused on creating a vertically integrated platform for the mining, production and distribution of fertiliser and FinComEco, the fully integrated Financial & Commodities Ecosystem providing services, financing, capacity building and enablement solutions from supply […]

FinComEco and Ghana Grains Council collaborate to improve agricultural commodity markets

Creating a Commodities Ecosystem to deliver efficiencies across the grain and legume crops value chain in Ghana supported by strategic partner GMEX Group Accra, Mauritius, London, 22nd November 2017. Ghana Grains Council (GGC) and FinComEco, the fully integrated Financial & Commodities Ecosystem providing services, financing, capacity building and enablement solutions from supply to demand, have […]

Institute of Cereals of Mozambique partners with FinComEco to improve food security supported by the Republic of Mozambique Government

Delivering an integrated Financial & Commodities Ecosystem efficiently linking supply to demand Maputo, London, Mauritius 12th July 2017. Institute of Cereals of Mozambique (ICM), responsible for regulating and promoting agricultural production and commercialisation in Mozambique under the remit of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with FinComEco, the […]

GMEX Group places Mauritius IFC at heart of global expansion plan

Providing global support and services for expanding group of partner organisations London, Mauritius 7th June 2017.. GMEX Group, a global provider of multi-asset exchange trading, post trade business solutions and technology today announced the opening of its regional headquarters in the Mauritius International Financial Centre (IFC). Additionally, its newly launched initiative with partners, FinComEco, the […]

GMEX and FinComEco on MBC News Mauritius

Hirander Misra, Chairman & CEO of GMEX Group and Deputy Chairman of FinComEco talks to MBC news in Mauritius about the companies’ plans there to establish in the International Financial Centre and use it as a Fintech hub.